Sanctuary of Hekate Althaia

The Sanctuary of  Hekate Althaia was conceived as a meeting place for like-minded people who are interested in study, self-betterment and service and are looking for healing or advice, dialogue, companionship or the occasional group ritual. 

My life is a quiet life, my days spent largely alone and in silence.  I practice yoga and meditation on a daily basis.  I try to spend a lot of time outside; my summers in tending my large, rather wild garden and in the winter you might come across me somewhere deep in the woods.  I avoid undue amounts of time on social media, preferring to read as much as possible and occasionally I paint or draw when I feel moved to do so. 

I have always been enthralled by Divinity in all her manifestations, never being particularly affiliated with any one particular deity up until Hekate introduced herself into my life.  Since then I have been trying to get to know her better: (1) by research and study of academic texts and ancient classics in philosophy, history, mythology as well as magic and theurgy; (2) through travel to select archaeological sites and museums, and (3) through that deep understanding which comes from direct experience through ritual and meditation.

And, although I feel like a beginner, I nonetheless look back on 60 years of life experience and will gladly share any knowledge or ability with fellow students.

We are all familiar with the old adage: "When the student is ready, the teacher will come." - it goes both ways: "When the teacher is ready, the student will come." 
We all learn from each other.



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