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Second Degree Reiki

While in First Degree Reiki the focus is on the physical level, in Second Degree Reiki we turn our focus to the mental/emotional level of our being.  In this course you will be given the three original Usui Reiki symbols.  These symbols and their respective mantras serve as vehicles for the fine-tuning and transmission of Reiki energy, thus opening many new possibilities for the use of Reiki.  Among other functions, the Distance Symbol enables the transmission of healing energy independent of the limitations imposed by time and space.  That means, for example, that you can send Reiki to loved ones across the globe, to heal past traumas, or to bless upcoming events.

So in this course, freed from the restrictions of rational thought and the limitations of the material world, we enter a high-frequency realm, in which many new possibilities for using Reiki are opened to us.

Course  includes:
  • Traditional initiation into the three symbols of Second Degree Reiki:
    • The Power Symbol
    • The Mental/Emotional Symbol
    • The Distance Healing Symbol
  • Meaning and use of the symbols
  • Distance healing techniques
  • Various other techniques
  • Plenty of practice and sharing
  • Light food and drinks are provided.

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