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First Degree Reiki

In First Degree Reiki the student is initiated into the energy of Reiki in a series of four attunement rituals which enable him or her to channel this divine healing energy to themselves, to other people, animals, plants, objects, or even to difficult or challenging everyday situations.

In this course you will learn traditional techniques and the classical hand positions for transmitting Reiki.  By practicing these gentle techniques in a peaceful atmosphere you will become familiar with giving and receiving Reiki.   By keeping your mind in a meditative and introspective state, you will develop a heightened awareness for the flow of energy in and around you.

Course  includes:
  • Reiki History
  • The Five Reiki Principles
  • 4 traditional attunement rituals
  • The traditional full-body treatment
  • Self treatment
  • Short treatment of seated client
  • Chakra treatment
  • Various other techniques
  • Plenty of practice and sharing
  • Light food and drinks are provided.

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