Holistic Massage


I have been active in this field since the late 90's, working independently in my own Reiki & Massage practice since 2006. Over the years I have studied many different approaches to healing and offer those techniques which I have found to be most effective in maintaing a state of consistent good health (homeostasis) as well as an excellent supplement to any type of established medical therapy.

Meridian Massage

The meridians are energy channels which transport life force energy (Chi) throughout the body.  The flow of energy in these channels can be blocked as a result of stress, injury or trauma, or bad living habits.  Over time, blocked energy flow (leading to a lack of energy in certain areas of the body, or a surplus in others) can result in health problems so it is important to keep the meridians clear.  Eliminating stress where possible, properly healing injuries or trauma, and living a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle do much for our wellbeing; keeping the meridians clear and free-flowing through exercise (such as Tai Chi or Yoga) and massage are valuable assets to a healthy lifestyle.

This technique provides an excellent method for keeping your personal Chi moving strongly and freely within the body’s system.  By tracing the meridians, existing blockages can be identified and can then be flushed using a method of stimulation which includes tapping, acupressure, stretching and massage.

Reflexology Foot Massage

Reflexology is based on the premise that certain organs, including the bone structures and inner systems of the human body have corresponding zones which are reflected on the feet (also: hands, head) and that these zones can be therapeutically treated by massage.
Reflexology has a stimulating and regenerative effect on the entire organism.  It is important to note that through this form of massage energetic blockages on any or all levels can be fully dissolved, leading to inner cleansing and healing of body, mind, and soul.

Resonance Massage (with Tibetan bowls or shamanic drum)

Both the Tibetan bowls and the shamanic drum generate sound frequencies which can dissolve long-standing tension or deeply rooted energetic blocks.  The tones are deeply relaxing and  trigger vibrations which reverberate from the innermost core of the body and extend well out into the energy field.  Sedated by the soothing rhythm of the sound waves, brain frequency drops to ever deeper levels and altered states of consciousness with enhanced experience and insights in the form of visions, contact with spiritual guides, with the higher self, with totem animals, etc., are common occurrences.

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